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Membership Vision

Over the years of writing and publishing, many authors, myself included, demonstrated a lack of understanding of essential marketing skills. No book, business, or service can be sold without some form of marketing. It’s something we all have to learn if we want a career in this industry, regardless of the publishing method.

As I’ve learned new marketing techniques, I’ve shared them with others, typically in private. Over the last couple of years, I’ve streamed daily on Twitch. This put me in touch with many other authors at various levels of their careers. Some have asked me about the marketing and other aspects of writing. If it’s something I’ve done, I share it. If it’s something I’ve seen others do that works, I share it. Helping others understand marketing essentials is something I’ve become more passionate about. 

No one will reach that goal of full time author without an understanding of marketing. It applies to so many areas of our business and book development. Book descriptions are copywriting and should be treated as such. Your book cover is part of marketing and needs to convey the most crucial information. It should not convey the contents of your book, but the emotions and genre. Social media can be leveraged only when it is developed. Podcasts can be an asset. Guest posts, author interviews, and influencers are also great ways to connect with new readers. Unfortunately, so few of us know where to start. 

With all of my heart, I want to help others get traction for their books, improve their understanding of the industry, and provide tools to help as many authors along the way.

The Vision

What I’d like to do for our author community is bring many or all of the resources we need together. Realistically, that’s going to take a lot of time. If I wait until I’m able to put a panel of fantastic editors together with talented cover designers and artists, beta readers, illustrators, translators, proofreaders, book reviewers, branding experts, and marketing savants, authors won’t benefit for years to come. The struggle for me is I so desperately need to make this resource available to our community. 

Being an asset to our community, after all it’s given to me, is important. 

That being said, we’re going to create a community dedicated to supporting one another, as has developed in my twitch writing community. We’re going to save time for one another, boost signal, develop branding opportunities and most of all, help each other thrive doing what we love. 

One day, InExhaustibleAuthors.com will be the go to club for all the authorly things. Resources and opportunities will be available to everyone. Affordable, manageable but quality results will be put within the reach of our community – even those just starting out. 

Until then, we’re going to begin at a scaled back place and build to that goal – together.

The Founding Members Launch will provide everyone who signs up with a packet of social media content done for you and with the various platforms in mind. It will be crafted for authors and to engage readers. Additionally, there will be a day by day marketing plan or instruction manual of sorts to explain how to use the provided items to keep a social media presence while you’re writing your books. 

In its simplest form, it will take the guesswork out of social media, save time for authors and small publishers, and provide the resources or information needed to work your business your way while having time to keep writing that next book. 

Every month, the new items will be made available in the members’ area. Email delivery will also be sent to members with content and information packet. Imagine having short videos and images you can customize sent directly to your inbox monthly, along with podcast guest opportunities, and author interviews or blog post guest requests. Read the information and see results come by following the plan provided. Sustainable results drawn from years of experience are possible for anyone.

Over time, the website will build to include resources to take the thinking out of ‘the next step’ and give you the option to build your author career path effectively based on the experience others can and have shared through the years. As growth happens, prices will increase.

Founding Members will become integrated into a mastermind group. We will meet every other month to discuss what is working for everyone and what isn’t. We’ll assess author platforms and provide support for one another. 

In time, we’ll develop other mastermind groups and other author consultant led opportunities. We’ll grow there. Founding Members will not be affected by price increases for the life of their membership. 

Becoming part of the Founding Member team is easy. Sign up today and we’ll get you the first batch of social media content today! 

Author Members – 35 USD monthly

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