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Our Vision and Experience


No book, business, or service can be sold without some form of marketing. It’s something we all have to learn if we want a career in this industry, regardless of the publishing method.

Helping others understand marketing essentials is something I’ve become more passionate about. 

Learning to market your book shouldn’t hold you back from your creativity.

Book descriptions should sell your book, not just give us some insights. Your book cover is part of marketing and needs to convey the most crucial information. It should not convey the contents of your book, but the emotions and genre.

Social media can be leveraged only when it is developed. Podcasts can be an asset. Guest posts, author interviews, and influencers are also great ways to connect with new readers. It’s difficult to know where to start.

This site is dedicated to identifying the steps we each need to take, providing tools and resources to making life easier, and empowering today’s author to reach success without losing much needed time.

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