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Our Mission

To create a home base for authors and small publishers to thrive together. We aim to save both entities time by providing active steps forward to help maximize marketing and minimize business focused creation. By providing content, consulting, and other services, we’ll expand the reach of our members while helping them carve out more time to write or publish their masterpieces.

Marketing Templates, Information, and Support from Experienced Authors and Small Press Publishers will ensure a community of thriving ambitious business minded creatives come together to support one another.

More than anything else we do, authors want to write. Being a successful author in today’s atmosphere and industry can be complicated, challenging, and at times, overwhelming. Keeping up on marketing, track, testing, analysing results, and testing again can be a full time job. As an author, we still need to treat our careers as a business.

Thankfully, there are tools, systems, and processes that can help you save time, organize the mundane, and open your path to spending more time on writing and less on business. We will continue to provide access to time saving templates, book marketing support, reader reviews, and more to come.
We can’t give you unlimited time to write, but we can help you do more in less time.

As an experienced author and creative, the founder is dedicated to making the lives of others easier.