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Welcome to our exclusive Newsletter Affiliate Program, designed to support authors in their career development while rewarding affiliates for their valuable contributions. Our newsletter is packed with insights, information, suggestions, and data, all aimed at smoothing out the marketing process for aspiring and established authors alike.

Value Prop:

Problem: Authors are often struggling to improve their marketing and social media presence. They may not have the time, knowledge, or resources to do it effectively.

Solution: The InExhaustible Authors marketing and social media newsletter provides authors with the insights, information, and data they need to improve their marketing efforts and boost book sales. The newsletter covers a wide range of topics, not limited to but including:

  • How to write effective marketing copy
  • How to use social media to promote your books
  • How to build an author platform
  • How to get reviews for your books

Benefits: The newsletter provides authors with the following benefits:

Increased book sales

  • Improved author platform
  • Increased visibility for their books
  • More reviews for their books

Sign-up payout: Earn a generous $5 for every successful sign-up you refer to our newsletter. Your efforts help authors access essential resources for their growth.

Affiliate Earnings Structure:

Monthly Recurring Income: Receive $1 per month for each of your referrals who remain subscribed to the newsletter for up to one year. Watch your passive income grow as you support fellow writers on their journey.

Bonus payment of $75 for each sign up that reaches 12 month subscription.

Milestone Bonuses:

We believe in recognizing and appreciating your dedication as an affiliate. Starting from your 6th successful sale, we offer exciting milestone bonuses:

6th Sale: $10 bonus – Celebrate your first milestone with a well-deserved bonus!

10th Sale: $20 bonus – Your impact is making a difference, and we want to show our gratitude.

20th Sale: $30 bonus – Your commitment to empowering authors is truly exceptional!

30th Sale: $50 bonus – Your achievements inspire us, and we want to reward your incredible efforts.

Every 30 Sales afterward pays out $50 bonus. 

Program Benefits:

Access to Resources: As an affiliate, you’ll gain access to our comprehensive marketing materials and tips to enhance your promotion efforts.

Transparent Tracking: Enjoy real-time tracking of your referrals and earnings through our user-friendly affiliate dashboard.

Ongoing Support: Our team is always available to assist you, answer questions, and offer guidance throughout your journey as a valued affiliate.

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By becoming an affiliate for our Newsletter, you’ll not only empower authors to thrive but also enjoy substantial earnings and milestone bonuses. Start making a positive impact on the writing community and your income simultaneously!

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Note: All figures mentioned above are subject to change, and the affiliate program terms are outlined in the official agreement upon registration.