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Book Review and Resources

You finished your book, editing, and you’re preparing to publish. You need book reviews among other things. Subscribe here and you’ll have a listing on Booksprout, guides, tools, and support creating and executing your book launch plan.
15 mock ups with room for your book will be made available for your social media marketing needs.

Resources, Consulting, and more

You’ve used the tools and resources available, but you need more? Do you have more than one book you’d like to get book reviews for? We got you covered. Once a quarter you’ll meet with an experienced author to craft your marketing plan, and help you navigate the industry options available to you. We can even list up to 3 books a month for book reviews.

Customized Services

Do you just want to write and apply your edits? Do you want someone who can handle the business of publishing as an author today? Do you want a team to handle the marketing, reports, and day to day? Or perhaps something that suits your specific business needs?

Benefit from experience

Community Supported

We believe in the power of teamwork and experience. In an industry still growing and developing. Authors and small presses have the power to move the needle in the direction of readers and authors –

-In the last decade we have-

As things continue, we can come together and share what we have learned. We can give a helping hand to one another, teach what we know, and provide insights where possible.

Now, we can move together.

Small Business

Every author is a small business. Every small business needs support, opportunities to grow, and direction from time to time.

Save Time

Tools, tricks, and information can really help you save time learning the industry and best practices. Having access to templates, planners, and other choices for optimizing your author business will empower your success.


By working together we can amplify each other’s reach. We can support launches, offer insights, and share knowledge. The team facilitates the goal. Together Everyone Achieves More.

Social Media and Marketing Support

By providing both content and planning you’ll be able to save time and optimize your process. If you need something specialized, contact us. We can help.

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We are an author services boutique operated by an experienced author. Whether your business is just beginning or an established firm, our customized solutions deliver results.

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